Ever Watch Someone Tear Apart A School Board Meeting? You Can Now

Just…Wow. It’s like…Man. They can only sit there and take it.

Here’s the context: About five years ago Common Core state standards came into existence, and one by one about every state in the US adopted them. Now, I’m a high school English teacher, so I can tell you first hand how this is affecting schools. Some teachers love them, some teachers hate them, but everybody is already sick of hearing the term “Common Core.” It has become a catch-basin term for wholesale rewriting of curriculum and, potentially, redesigning the school district personnel infrastructure.

Now, I’m not as up in arms over this as this student is, but I may be more vested. And if I was in this meeting, I’d be watching the body language of each and every school board member, because I know they’re going to owe the community a response on the heels of this verbal beat down.