Dear Pixel People, I’m Moving On

Dear Pixel People, I'm Moving On

For the past year here at SQ we have highlighted some of our favorite, and the mobile gaming industry’s favorite iOS games, from Ridiculous Fishing (2013 GOTY award winner) to Mutant Mudds.  One game that we have not mentioned however, is a dangerously addictive title called Pixel People.  Released almost a year ago on January 31st, 2013, Pixel People is a very cool cross between Sim City and The Sims, and has garnered an immense following on the App Store with some excellent reviews.  Is it a great game?  Yes, phenomenal even – but I had to recently banish it from my iPhone for one huge reason with the game’s design.  It was a sad day, but a necessary one.  Hit the linkage below for the full break-up letter.

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Dude Lets Girlfriend Get Hit in Face with Home Run

Think this dude was in hot water after this one made SportsCenter?  Watch this dude jump out of the way when a home run was incoming at his seats, only to let his girlfriend catch the home run ball with her face.  If this was their first date, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say there won’t be a second.  If they’re married, divorce papers may or may not be written up already, or at least in the works.   Continue reading “Dude Lets Girlfriend Get Hit in Face with Home Run”