On Sterling, Silver Earns Gold

Adam Silver is the perfect man for the job. In his first few months as NBA Commissioner, he had to address a problem that the NBA owners let grow: Donald Sterling. You see, when an owner of a professional sports franchise refers to people of other races as enemies, you just watched the metaphorical cat jump out of the bag.

And what did Adam Silver do to Donald Sterling? Banned him for life from the NBA! That’s not an overhand right from Tyson, that’s Tyson with 2×4. Sterling is now banned from any and all basketball activities pertaining to anything NBA related. He still owns the team – for now. But that may actually be coming to an end soon too.

If you’re ancy to get right to the banning (it’s ok to admit it), jump right to the 2:13 mark. And watch Silver’s facial expression and eyes when he says, “for life!” I like this guy. A lot.